The Antique Dolls, Dollhouses and Toys of the Lego Foundation of Denmark

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For the past forty years when American collectors of dolls, dollhouses and toys have arrived in the beautiful city of Copenhagen in Denmark the first thing they have done is leave. Leave, that is, on the first train heading West, straight for the little town of Billund. For in this town at the Legoland Park was one of Europe’s most illustrious antique doll, dollhouse and toy museums, a “must-see” destination for lovers of antique playthings. The Museum, which was located at Legoland Park in Billund, Denmark, was established by Kirk and Edith Christiansen, founders of LEGO toys. In developing their legendary 20th century toy empire, the couple became naturally interested in the 18th and 19th century history of dolls and toys. A relationship with Estrid Faurholt, the early Danish doll collector and researcher, led to their acquisition of her important collection and it was upon this nucleus collection that they built and expanded. The Christiansen collection was housed and exhibited in a private building at Legoland Park in Billund for nearly forty years. As more than one collector noted over those decades, “Children come here for the rides and fun, but the grown-up kids, the collectors, realize that the real treasure of this park is in the Museum. Before I came here, I never imagined the antique rarities that I would find.” Although the Museum is now closed, its memory is preserved in this 375 page two-volume boxed catalog with photographs, descriptions and presale estimates of each of the objects. We have also included the Prices Realized at the Auction for the items in this book.

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